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Bikes are an excellent alternative means of transport. Apart from being convenient, they enable the users to keep fit. Before choosing a bike to use, there are a few things you need to consider. First of all, do you know how to ride a bike? This question might seem awkward to some, but yes, some people do not know how to ride a bike. The next thing to consider is your skill level. There are bikes for all types of individuals. There are bikes for beginners, medium level, and experts. At the bicycle shop Malta, all products related to bikes are at your disposal. Also, there are attendants to advise you accordingly depending on your needs. Some of the products and services include;

bicycle shop in MaltaBikes

There are a variety of bicycles to choose from depending on the use. Road bikes are suitable for traversing hills and steep terrains. Mountain bikes are available for track users and individuals who love to take nature trails. For commuting, the hybrid type is the best choice. Finally, we also have folding bikes for people who require to fold when commuting or have a limited storage area. The

collection of bicycles is from all the known brands creating a variety of options to choose from.


These are products that promote the safety and use of bicycles. Some of the essential accessories include helmets, tail light, mitts, glasses, locks, water bottle and a navigation system. The most important among the listed are helmets. They protect in case of accidents which happen sooner or later. Every rider should make sure they have a helmet on when riding. The helmet should fit accordingly and be comfortable. This is because a loose on may fall off and a tight one may hurt you. There are different styles and models available. Users are advised to get helmets fitted with a polystyrene liner that is expanded to absorb shock.


To cycle comfortable, you need the right clothes to wear when cycling. The selection of clothes available includes shorts, jerseys, shirts, and shoes. These are designed specifically for cycling. Cycling clothing should be tight fitting to minimize trapping of air, flapping and noise. Also, consider having bright clothes that make you visible to other riders.


Under this category, there are a collection of bicycle parts that replace worn out or broken sections. These include wheels for all types of bikes, speed derailleur, deck, cassettes, control levers, pedals, and crankset. The list includes all parts of a bicycle that can be replaced.

Service department

The Bicycle Shop Malta has a unique unit that caters for servicing of bikes. The bike shop conducts repairs and maintenance of bicycles for users. The services range from clean up, adjustments to the headset, brakes, shifters and other moving parts. In addition, there are products available to use when maintaining the bicycle yourself. For example bike lube, cleaners, pumps, puncture repair equipment and bike tools. There are also bike storage solutions such as small tents to protect your transportation device from elements.

If you are looking to start or improve you bike using experience, the bicycle shop Malta provides all the necessary products and services to make your experience the best. We also offer bicycle rentals from our shop in Malta