Hire a bicycle in Malta

For both Malta people and visitors, using the road has various problems based on the increased heavy traffic. Therefore, hiring a bike in Malta is the solution you need.  Today, traffic has increased, and it has become the main reason why you cannot get anywhere on time. When tourists come around with their cars, traffic increases by a significant percentage, therefore, making it hard to commute.

bike rental in MaltaSince the introduction of bike Miami Beach, which is the leading bike hire company in Malta, the story has changed across different towns and cities. People now prefer renting bikes than driving in their cars.



Riding a bike in Malta has made cruising across various streets conveniently. Connecting St Julian’s and Sliema now takes few minutes than ever before. When you hire a bike, it takes you to the doorstep. This eliminates all the odds of getting late even from the few minutes’ walk. There are places where using other means of transportation you will meet a dead end. However, bikes will always go beyond such points and therefore take you ahead of time. Additionally, bike hire saves you time. When you have limited time to cut across various places, you will cover a long distance on a bike than when footing.

As the leading bike hire company in Malta, we have ensured that we have all the types of bikes that you would want to ride on. This selection makes us the best rental bikes with upright bikes. Additionally, if you visit with your child, you don’t have to be worried about how possible riding a bike will be. We have kids bikes with all the specifications to meet the demands of kids. If your child can’t ride a bike in Malta, you can find a bike that has a child seat to ensure you make your trip memorable.

Cost savingbike hire malta st julians and sliema

As a tourist, renting a car is very expensive. Cars accumulate so many expenses. Therefore, they limit the number of places you will visit.  When you rent a car, you will have to fuel it more often to ensure that your trip is smooth.  You will also have to hire a tour guide to make sure that you get to your destination. This is not the case with rental bikes.  Every stroke you make while riding the bike is historical; every street becomes attractive. You will have a great time interacting with locals as they give you directions for free hence saving the tour guide fee. Also, bikes don’t need to be refueled, and you can rent them for a few minutes ride.

Healthy benefits

Riding a bike in Malta has more than just saving you money. It also gives you the chance to remain physically fit. Every time you ride a bike in Malta, you get free workouts. This indicates you will not miss on your regular gym sessions while away from home. Additionally, a bike eliminates air pollutions as they don’t release any waste products on the road. This is helpful to both your health and the environment in general.