Malta’s top caterers and outside catering

Eating at home, in restaurants, events or wherever we spend our day is a key factor in affecting the outcome of the day. Caterers in Malta are available to ensure that whatever the occasion, you have delicious food that will make your day and that of your guests worth remembering.

The catering company Malta is known for having extensive menus that range from the seasonal, fresh, special and unique cuisine. The menus are set up according to the need of consumers, preferences, and audience. The staff available are fully trained and equipped to handle the tasks at hand. The staff are professional and are sourced from all over the country. Some of the services that the caterers in Malta provide include but not limited to;

General Catering

There are different types of services that we offer because we understand that our consumers have different needs. Malta is a world destination that receives visitors for work, pleasure, investment, and exploration. Our services are designed to cater for all groups. Also, we may further customize the packages upon the request of the visitors. Some of the packages include healthcare, canteen, hotel, in-flight and event catering.

The packages mentioned do not have a specified number. There are no restrictions to our visitors. All that is required is information to our management team so that adequate arrangements are made.

Outside catering

Outside catering is also known as a function or party catering. The form of catering is where food is prepared on our premises and is transported to the specified function for the guests to enjoy. The event may be big or small for official, weddings, birthdays, meetings or group gatherings.

For party catering Malta, the meals are usually of a buffet type to enable the guests to choose their preferred food. The menus range from side salads, hot meals, cakes, finger food, lunch buffets, sandwiches, and desserts. The display is made colorful and attractive to enable you and your guests feast on your eyes and stomach.

Event Venues

One aspect that is as important as the food being served in any event is the venue. The venue selected should be large enough to accommodate all the guests and the catering staff. Also, it should be accessible and presentable to make all the guests feel welcome. Our catering services Malta have a list of venues that are available for guests who are not very familiar with Malta.

The sites range from historic buildings, contemporary and hip areas. The choice of the area will depend on the type of function and the mood to be set. Apart from decorating the venue and offering the meals, we go out of our way to ensure that the entertainment is set for you and your guests. We have access to a variety of groups such as bands and other entertainers available. Furthermore, the setting may be indoor, outdoor or a combination of both, while overlooking the beautiful beaches of Malta.

Past Events

Caterers in Malta has in business for over 10 years offering exemplary services to our consumers. We have handled all types of events be it private, contract and corporate. All of these events have been successful due to the relationship and promise we enter with the clients. Our engagement begins from the day of consultation and proceeds beyond the day of the event. This is to ensure we get feedback from the guests and know where and how to improve the customer experience. Many of the clients we enjoy are as a result of frequent referrals from satisfied customers.

No matter the type of function you have, the catering company Malta has you covered. Our experience, qualified staff, and knowledge of the beautiful country will ensure we meet your needs to the letter to create a memorable time for your guests.