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After putting a lot of thought into it, you have decided to take the plunge and get yourself inked. Whether it is for expressing who you are and what you stand for or for remembering someone or something, getting a tattoo has a personal significance that says who or what means the most to you. As one of the oldest and most respected tattoo parlours around, we can design on your skin exactly what you want in your journey of self-expression. That’s a decade of welcoming customers, from seasoned collectors to nervous first-timers, who are looking for body art that will stand the test of time. The reason we have been around for so long is because of our solid reputation for professionalism and artistry that safely offers customized tattoos in varying styles. We are the go-to tattoo shop for high-quality ink in a safe and friendly environment.

Top Tattoo Artists in Malta

We have our own studio and do not operate in a basement or the back room of a bar. Our staff has portfolios of successfully completed tattoos so you can get an idea if their work can meet your design vision. Whether you prefer bright and colorful designs or black and grey pieces, we have artists who specialize in the style you have in mind. You can talk to them about your tattoo idea or show them examples and print outs of what you like so both of you can be on the same page while drawing up your custom tattoo. Based on experience, they can give you advice and suggestions if there is a problem with the design or its placement in your body then help you with what you want after hearing your inputs. After your tattoo is done, our artists will likewise give you aftercare instructions to speed up the healing process and maintain the colors.

Enter our “operating room” and you will find it as clean as your doctor or dentist’s office. We take hygiene and safety very seriously to avoid any blood borne infection when getting a tattoo. All our supplies are contained in sealed packaging which will only be opened in your presence. Our artists wear disposable sterile latex gloves and use new sterile needles for each tattoo to eliminate any risk of contamination. The ink comes from individual cups that hold enough pigment to finish your tattoo and not from a large bottle of ink. We also use government-approved and tested dye that does not contain metal and solvents that can trigger skin irritations and allergic reactions. Nothing that our tattoo artist handles is reused as part of our infection-control practices. Our work stations are kept clean and free of clutter and are disinfected and sterilized after each use.

Laser Tattoo Removal

In case your partner to whom you profess undying love via ink on your skin leaves you, we also have high quality tattoo removal services available. Our tattoo removal lasers can treat all kinds of skin types and colors of a tattoo, and are all safe and effective. We can completely remove an entire tattoo or just a section of the larger tattoo piece like your ex-partner’s name. Selective removal can get rid of certain aspects of the design or actual colors you no longer want. We can also fade your tattoo in preparation for covering it up with brand new art. It gives the tattoo artist a better canvas to work on as you grow out of your previous design. Of course, we also have artists who can just cover up the original tattoo with a completely new composition especially if it is a small tattoo.


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