Veterinary Clinic Malta

Your pet is another important member of your family. Therefore, taking good care of your family members is not optional. When one of you is sick, the best and most logical thing to do is to ensure they get the best treatment from the most certified doctors around. When it comes to pets, this is not exceptional. If giving the best for your pet has been your concern, then you are at the right place. Vet Malta provides you with the best care for the animal in your home for a long relationship.

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There are lots of services involved as far as animal doctors are concerned. We have an emergency vet Malta where we deal with any critical sickness and other unexpected problems that just happen over a period. We also ensure that your pet is booked with the best veterinary clinic for easy follow-up and ensure that your pet is improving as time goes by. Just as humans, animals require seeing a doctor now and then for a regular check up to ensure the development process is monitored. This way, it becomes easy to foretell in case there is a problem that is about to strike the pet.

Home visits are essential to ensure that the pet and the doctor have a relationship, therefore; he will be in a position to even monitor the nutritional balance of the pet. Additionally, he will be able to teach you as the pet owner on how to effectively take care of your animal it times of emergency.

Additionally, if you are in Malta for vacation and you have your pet with you, you don’t need to wait until you are back home for the pet to be vaccinated. All you need to do is to reach to our emergency vet Malta doctors and your pet will be ready to ride and walk around with you without fear.

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Our team is full of professional, friendly and highly trained animal doctors. People who are certified and licensed to take care of the animal in your home. Our equipment is the best in the veterinary industry to guarantee you quality service and satisfying results. The doctors understand the importance of your pet and therefore they are willing to get to any heights to ensure your animal is safe and healthy at all times.


We always have a balance depending on the type of problem your pet has. It’s not easy to set a standard pay. Therefore, it cannot be easy to say you will spend this much. However, our rates are affordable and exclusive of all treatment plans including medication if there will be. The home visits also come at a discounted rate to ensure the well-being of the pet. Therefore, it’s not always about the money but rather the importance of the animal in your compound.

You can always reach out to us and book an appointment to meet with an animal doctor today and the safety of your pet will be guaranteed at all cost.