Where to stay in Malta? Accommodation tips for every kind of traveller.

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A trip to the Maltese islands is an adventure that will stay with you for the rest of your life. A peaceful idyll, steeped in history, and surrounded by the kind of scenery that will fill you with wanderlust- it is the perfect retreat for every kind of traveler.

Malta, Gozo, and the uninhabited island of Comino are situated in the true heart of the Mediterranean, just south of Sicily and a short distance west of Tunisia. Easily accessible in under three hours from anywhere in Europe, it is the perfect destination for those looking for a slice of paradise without having to travel half way around the world to find it. Malta has been heavily influenced by a range of inhabitants over the years such as the Byzantines, Romans, Arabs, Phoenicians, Sicilians, French, and British- all of which have left behind a legacy that has infiltrated every aspect of Maltese culture to create a truly diverse community. From the food, to the language, to the architecture, traditions, and customs- Malta is a unique place quite unlike any other.

Visitors to the island will find no shortage of things to do during their stay- diving in some of the world’s clearest waters, visiting the oldest religious structures in the world, or just relaxing at a beach side bistro with a cocktail and some delicious, fresh fish, there is something to cater for every visitor and every type of trip. But what about options when it comes to accommodation?

The flights are booked, you have started planning your holiday wardrobe, but when it comes to picking the perfect home-from-home, you have drawn a blank. There are however, a huge range of different accommodation options available to you depending on the nature of your visit. Whether you are travelling with a large family, a solo businessperson, or a backpacker looking for an adventure, there is the perfect type of lodging for every requirement and every price point. Read on to find out more.


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If you are a traveler doing the European circuit, or a part of a large group just looking for somewhere to lay your head then checking into a hostel could be the perfect solution. Hostels often consist of shared dormitories of varying sizes, complete with shared bathroom and shower facilities, and lockable lockers for storing personal belongings. Whilst they lack privacy and space to relax, they are cheap and practical. If you are not intending on spending much time in your room, or are on a bit of a budget- a hostel in a central area such as St Julians or Sliema, is a perfect solution to your accommodation requirements.



For those that are more inclined to recline by the pool, make use of a spa, and enjoy peaceful lie-ins and delicious meals- a resort hotel is perhaps the way to go. Malta has a wealth of five and four star establishments the length and breadth of the island, offering guests the ultimate luxuries during their stay. With amenities including indoor and outdoor pools, state of the art gyms, decadent spa’s, evening entertainment, incredible views, and a selection of bars, lounges, and high end restaurants to choose from, these type of resorts offer visitors everything they could ever wish for- without even having to leave the establishment.

Boutique Hotel


If you want the convenience and the feel of a luxury hotel, but you want something a little more personal, why not opt for a boutique hotel? These smaller, often independently owned establishments offer designer interiors, a personalised experience, and a much more intimate feel to your stay. They are often smaller in size than a typical resort and therefore offer a much more peaceful stay, away from the hustle and bustle of the larger hotels. Perfect for romantic breaks, couple getaways, or the solo traveler looking for a bit of finesse, these types of accommodation can be found in places such as Sliema, Birgu, and the capital, Valletta.



If you are travelling with family, and particularly younger children, you may decide to opt for a stay in an apartment. A true home-from-home experience, renting an apartment for the duration of your stay allows you to enjoy full privacy, the convenience of cooking what you want, as and when you please and having more space to spread out and truly relax. If there are a number of you travelling together, checking into an apartment for your stay can also be much more cost-effective than staying in a hotel. Other perks to apartment holiday living include access to clothes washing facilities and access to WiFi connections.


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Malta’s urban areas and some coastal spots are lined with incredible villas. These sprawling, modern structures wouldn’t look out of place in places like Miami or LA and are often available to rent- at a price. These extensive, luxurious pads often sleep upwards of 10 people and are therefore perfect for large groups or families where the cost can be split several ways. Perfect for special occasion trips such as hen parties, birthdays, or weddings, they offer the ultimate in decadent living, for a fraction of the cost. The typical Maltese villa comes equipped with air conditioning throughout, modern interiors, one or sometimes two swimming pools, spacious living areas, and gates to ensure security. Whilst they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they are perfect for that special kind of traveler.



Booking a traditional Maltese farmhouse is the perfect solution for those that are travelling in large groups or need a lot of space. Containing most of the same amenities as a villa they differ in that farmhouses are often very old yet charming buildings that have been extensively renovated and modernised. They tend to be located in more central areas as opposed to by the sea, but they offer an oasis of peace and tranquility for all that stay there.



For some, the thought of a traditional hotel or apartment just isn’t that appealing. As Malta is surrounded on all sides by the sea, why not consider staying in a boat for the duration of your stay? You don’t have to sail anywhere in it if you do not want to, although a round-the-island trip is highly recommended. There are many opportunities to rent small boats, right up to superyachts, to stay in whilst you are on the island. Offering cooking and washing facilities, as well as electric, running water, and WiFI, you will find there is not much difference between hotels, except for the gentle lulling of the waves as you sleep of course!

A trip to Malta is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life, and making sure you pick the perfect type of accommodation to suit your requirements is an important part of making your stay a pleasurable one. Whatever your purpose for visiting, whatever your budget, and whoever you are travelling with- there is a perfect solution for your needs.